A Monday in the Life

Winding RoadHave you ever been curious about the day-to-day life of a Nebraska housewife? This week I’m linking up with Kerry at Winding Road for A Day in the Life.  This blogging project will give readers a glimpse into an average week in my life, and the lives of everyone participating.  If you’d like to participate, grab a button and start posting.
I’m a day late to the party.  This link-up started yesterday, but my days are not very scheduled and each week is different than the previous.  Rather than posting on Monday, I’m posting my Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc. This way you’ll see my day the way it actually played out.
8:07 AM  Most of the mommies in this link-up are awake by 6:30 at the latest.  I rolled out of bed this morning at 8:07, already running late, but it felt too early to me.  Chris leaves for work while we’re sleeping and Simone is my alarm clock, but she slept in.  Normally she wakes me up by 7:30.  I woke Layla and Piper and told them to hurry then went downstairs to start a pot of coffee.  Once in the kitchen, I was a whirling dervish of productivity.  I made oatmeal, toasted pancakes, hulled strawberries.  I fed the dog and de-crusted PB&J’s for lunchboxes while I practiced spelling words.
9:01 AM  It was easy enough to get the girls out the door and to school on time because I’m a Pimp.  Elementary school starts at 9:05 around here.
9:07 AM  Simone and I were back at home.  She requested some Caillou and I obliged, willingly.  After starting a load of laundry I sat down with my laptop.  Although I had big plans, I wasted most of my 26 minutes on computer issues, the rest effing around on Facebook.  I got my grocery list in order just as Caillou ended.  So much for blogging, but I intended to try again at naptime.
9:40 AM  I fit in some exercise time on the living room floor.  I encouraged Simone to exercise along with me, but she mostly poked me and said, “butt” while I did squats and leg lifts.  When I was finished we played.  It was 11:00 before I convinced her to head out to the grocery store.Baby Weirdo
11:15 AM  Grocery shopping (which was unremarkable except that Target ShopperSimone stopped and was fascinated by this metal pole, I could hardly tear her away from it) ATM, drop off dry-cleaning.  Simone and I also stopped by Target to make a return.  She had earned her popcorn, which kept her happy while I filled the cart with Oreo Yo-Crunch, Layla and Piper’s favorite snack.
12:50 PM  We were finally home from running errands.  We had some lunch and I layed Simone down for a nap.  I felt thoroughly disgusted when she awoke only 60 minutes later.  Usually I can count on at least an hour and a half nap : (  Because I was prepping dinner and doing laundry I still didn’t get any blogging done.  On the bright side, dinner was on the stove by 2:30.  I had a chance to write some notes for my blog while Simone played with water in a bucket.School Pickup
3:40 PM  Time for school pick-up.  Piper had to go straight to piano for a group lesson from 4-5, Layla from 5-6.  The evening was spent running kids around and working with Chris on a letter to send to insurance.
6:15 PM  We sat down together for dinner:  Chicken Spaetzle and baguette.  Piper didn’t like the gnocchi part of the soup, Layla didn’t like the chicken.  Simone didn’t want to stay in her seat.  Typical dinner.
7:15 PM  Dinner was cleaned up.  I hung out with the kids, Piper did a craft while Layla read on her Kindle.
8:00 PM  Chris gave Simone a bath and layed her down for bed while I worked on this blog post.
9:00 PM  The older girls were finished with their baths and got into bed for some reading time.  Chris and I tucked them in.
10:30 PM I passed out in bed watching Love It or Leave It on HGTV.

7 thoughts on “A Monday in the Life

  1. Thanks for sharing!! The soup sounds yummy but the kid reactions sound very familiar. You woke up exactly one minute before I am usually in the car taking mine to school. I got her there today about 2 min before the late bell. Why can’t school start at 10am? that would work really nice for me.

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