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Mommy TMI: Halloweenie

Today I’m hanging out with the mommies over at the MTM Mixer and I’m participating in Mommy TMI.  Check out my Vlog, above, where I answer these three questions (and I don’t say the word vagina!  Not even once, I swear):

1.  What is your favorite fall flavor?

2.  What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?

3.  What’s your most memorable childhood Halloween costume?

Thanks for watching!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Mommy TMI: Halloweenie

  1. i love your vlogs 🙂 You prob lost a lot of respect for me after my recent post about being a total scaredy cat since you love Halloween. haha!…I’m still cool, I promise. Btw, you have beautiful teeth!

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