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Life’s Mysteries

“Piper, what’s this?”  I need to have the phrase tattooed on my forehead.  I held between my fingers a lock of hair I’d fished out from under her bed.

“It’s Barbie hair,” she answered quickly.  A little too quickly.

I studied the shiny brunette clump.  “This is not Barbie hair, Piper!  This is your hair.”

“The dog chewed it off while I was sleeping,” she lied through her teeth.

I noticed it right then, a little bald spot.  Not hidden at the nape of her neck, and it wasn’t in a discreet spot behind her ear.  She had lopped off a good chunk of hair, smack in the front of her hairline.

There was already regret in her eyes so I just played along, “The dog chewed your hair off, huh?  Tough break, kiddo.  Too bad he didn’t go after the hair in the back of your head, though.  You’ve got a gnarly bald spot right in front now.  But hey, Daddy’s going bald and he looks cool.”

She looked thoroughly horrified.

Ever since “the incident” Piper has been combing her hair over so far that Donald Trump would give her a pat on the back.  I’m pretty certain the dog won’t eat any of her hair again–or that if he does, he’ll do it in a more discreet area of her head.

Piper haircut2

This post was inspired by Dropcam’s “Life’s Mysteries” Campaign.  Dropcam is calling on bloggers to share their mysterious missed moments.   Favorite stories will be featured on Dropcam’s blog or social media.  Post your story and send the link to  for consideration.  More details at

14 thoughts on “Life’s Mysteries

  1. I do believe this is a Rite of passage,LOL Megan cut Her hair in the same place! I have found Grandkids hair cut adventures at my House:) My Little sister, Merry Carol, yes thats how it is spelled (Shares a Birthday with Ashley, Dec. 23) who will turn 60 this year, cut half of Her long hair off before she was a Flower Girl in my cousins wedding. They did a Major Pin Over for the occasion! Thanks for bring back some GREAT Memories:) I LOVE You Mary, for REAL!!!

    • I love you too, Deb! I agree, rite of passage : ) Ellen cut my hair when I was a kid, then she told me that I did it and I believed her for years. Totally took the fall for that one!

    • Agreed! It’s hard sometimes to react “right” when you just want to laugh in their face. I was grateful to have a missed moments story, though, complete with photographic evidence. Besides, Piper’s experimentation with the truth makes me think she’ll be a great writer!

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