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This is the Monday ritual (originated at key + arrow) of counting seven delights for which to be grateful from the past seven days.  These posts keep getting later and later in the day on Monday.  I thought about pushing it off until Tuesday, but my friend Vernette enjoys my Monday posts and I wouldn’t want to disappoint her!  Please enjoy my 7 for Seven!

Typewriter 1Today we went to the pumpkin patch and I took enough pictures to make a collage.  Collages are so fun to make that I get all giddy when I realize I have enough photos to make one.  I use an app called PicsArt on my Droid.  Making a collage is the number one thing I am grateful for this week, accept it.

Ppatch collage

Typewriter 2By the way, the Skinny Bones Pumpkin Patch (Blair, NE) excursion was majorly fun.  We took a haunted walk through this trippy vortex room that freaked the poop out of Simone.  They had a great E.T. photo backdrop and we took full advantage.  And there was a petting zoo with some chickens, goats, and donkeys.  This gave us all the occasion to say “jackass.”  Every year our favorite part of this particular pumpkin patch is their overly-complicated corn maze.  There’s a scavenger hunt inside the maze and the owners do not make it easy for anyone.  It was really fun for the first half an hour or so.  The next forty-five minutes were grueling.  Simone and I clawed our way to the exit and ditched my sister with the older two girls and they trooped on for at least another forty-five minutes.  We still weren’t able to complete the scavenger hunt.  I know by next year we will have forgotten our frustrations and give it another try.  We ended the pumpkin patch visit with a nice hayrack ride.

Typewriter 3This Saturday Layla’s indoor swim lessons started and Piper had acting class.  Those are the activities that they chose for the fall and they really enjoy them.  Piano is my choice and that is Mondays.–they don’t enjoy that one as much.  I am happy that we seem to be settling into our fall schedule very nicely.Halloween

Typewriter 4I put out the Halloween decorations.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and, go figure, I love to slather my house in creepy stuff.

Typewriter 5I have something really exciting up my sleeve.  A great friend and photographer (Ashley Rose Photography) asked me to collaborate on a project.  She is photographing a group of female friends, including ourselves, sans make-up and I am writing an accompanying essay about the pressures women face to be beautiful.  When all is finished I will feature the project here on my blog.  Friday night we got together to shoot two of our friends and watch their reactions to their shots.  I had a lot of fun and am really flattered that my friend chose me to collaborate with on this project.


We don’t mind the fans, Mom!

Typewriter 6In last week’s 7 for Seven I mentioned that we experienced some flooding at our house.  Things are finally dried out, thanks to four four-foot-tall dehumidifiers and seven large fans that were scattered throughout my household for over a week.  They were loud, three people in my family had colds, so the dry air was a bitch to contend with, and the huge equipment was an obstacle when I was making meals in the kitchen.  I am so grateful that the fans were finally picked up this week.  Now onto the reconstruction phase of the project.

Typewriter 7Last,  but not least, we celebrated my Mother-in-law’s birthday this week with dinner at La La CasaCasa, one of my favorite pizza places.  It was delicious and we all had such a nice time with my mother and father in law.  They are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever known and they are fantastic grandparents.

7 for Seven was just too easy this week.  I am a very lucky person.  Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “7 for Seven

  1. How can we see Ashley’s project?
    Are you going to bake any pumpkin pies pre-celebrating Halloween? Can You tell that I am on a no-dessert journey (my interest in other people’s pies is growing by the day… HAHA).
    xoxo, eszter

  2. The project with Ashley is so cool, I can hardly wait! And your seven were so cheery, I got a secondhand cheer buzz off of them, thanks! 😉

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