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Sleep Issues: A Conversation With My Followers

This week the conversation centers on sleep issues.  Thank you Kerry at Winding Road for starting this one!  Check out Kerry’s blog, she’s an inspired, talented writer.

Did you know that women are twice as likely as men to have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Find out what keeps me tossing and turning at night and how I deal with it. Thank you for watching : ) Next week I will answer a question from Danielle at Mom’s Eye View. Danielle is curious about my Header photo, the woman sewing buttons onto her eyes, and I’m going to tell her everything about it! See you then.

3 thoughts on “Sleep Issues: A Conversation With My Followers

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  2. Anxiety keeps me awake some nights too. My daughter suffers from insomnia and last year we took her to a sleep specialist. He recommended taking a Melatonin tablet an hour before bed to help fall asleep. I figured I’d try it too and it really does work. When I’m just too wound up, I try doing some yoga poses that promote relaxation or I try to think about the plot of the book I’m reading since it is completely unrelated to any part of my life that may have me anxious.

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