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We’re All Going to Die: A Pleasant Sunday Morning Read

via Google Images

via Google Images

This morning I read an essay, We’re All Going to Die by Vicki Wilson on Huffington Post.  It’s funny and honest and this is almost exactly how we deal with the topic of death at our house, too.  How do you explain to your kids that we’re all going to die?  Do you ever make guarantees that you’re a little uncomfortable making?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section!

6 thoughts on “We’re All Going to Die: A Pleasant Sunday Morning Read

  1. That is a great article. We’ve had death be a hot topic in our home too. My mom’s cat died, a friend’s husband died (the daddy to one of my daughter’s friends), etc. My mom told her the cat, “went over the rainbow bridge”…my daughter loves rainbows. So death and this metaphor brought up a million questions that I had no solid answer too. I tell her yes, people die and we will too in a “long long time” as in the article but that we get to see eachother again in the realm where we will go. Hopefully that helps, but she is a worrier and sometimes I just have to say, “enjoy now, don’t worry about that too much”

    • Thank you for commenting! My mom died last December, clearly, but our family dog also died last June. So death has been a hot topic at our house. I think this is a tough topic mostly because I have my own anxieties about death–especially when it comes to my children! Other than that, death is a straightforward concept and the kids seem to “get it.” My kids are really open and matter of fact about death and I usually appreciate that–although sometimes they bring it up and I just don’t want the reminder.
      This topic is so interesting to me though, and I love to hear about how other households deal with this conversation. Thanks again for reading and commenting! : )

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