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Conversations With My Followers: My Biggest Fear

It’s Wednesday which means the start of another Conversation With My Followers!  This week I’m answering a question from Miss Fanny P at The Adventures of Miss Fanny P.  I was just tickled that Fanny wanted to have a conversation with me because her blog is hilarious and she’s obviously one sweet, smart mama.

Miss Fanny P asked me, “What are you scared of?  As in, what is your BIGGEST fear?” and I answered her as honestly as I could.  Spoiler alert:  my biggest fear is not dropping the F-bomb in a vlog.  Because I’m pretty sure I do that at least once in this video…

I love getting to know my followers!  Please send a question to me at so we can have a conversation, too.

2 thoughts on “Conversations With My Followers: My Biggest Fear

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The biggest fear, once you have kids, is something happening to your kids. 😦

    Once the day care where my kindergartner went for part of the day made a mistake and told me that some strange man had picked up my son from school and he wasn’t at day care. The 15 minutes while they resolved this error are a nightmare that I don’t like to remember.

    And I also have that same delight, that so many of the things I used to fear now feel like, wth did I care about that for?

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering this difficult Q. I hope it was therapeutic for you.
    I will write a post about my biggest fearS (i’m not as brave as you!) and “tag” you.
    I would vlog it but i’m too scared of the camera 😉
    (kidding. Just a bit difficult to do from my phone)

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