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Are You Free or Are You Tied Up?

Jesus FingerThis weekend my family stopped for some ice cream at a local shop.  It was a nice weekend, a lot of people were out and about and the ice cream shop was full of families.  When we were finished we walked out to the car.  I darted into my own seat and got my seatbelt on quickly so that Chris would have to buckle Simone into her car seat.  I sat facing the ice cream shop while Chris buckled the baby in and watched as two ten year old girls sat in the window, eating their ice cream, and mocking Chris.  They were just being kids, messing around, making fun of his butt as he bent over, making faces.  It made me long for my childhood.

Chris got back into his seat and as we pulled away I smiled sweetly at the girls in the window and flipped them off.  They were stunned.  It was pretty funny.  Chris laughed,  “Did you just flip those girls off?”  he asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, I did,”  I admitted.

He laughed again, “It’d be funny if they were like, ‘Hey, I recognize that lady!  It’s Mary the P.T.O. President!'”

We cracked up and I realized that Chris was right and my sweet, impulsive gesture was totally ridiculous.  No more flipping children off, no matter how appropriate it seems at the moment.  I’m a 31 year old mother of three and the P.T.O. President for Christ’s sake.

Later I watched this Miike Snow video.  The song is “Animal” and I love it so much.

9 thoughts on “Are You Free or Are You Tied Up?

  1. Oh I love it. The whole thing. 🙂
    And that song is so great!!!!!!
    I’m feeling a little tied up too these days.

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